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The SGA Leadership Conference presented by Horizons Consulting with the assistance of The Outdoor Learning Center at Horizons has provided Job Corps student leaders opportunities to learn and grow since its first program in 1996. The conference is located in the Shenandoah Valley just north of Harrisonburg, VA and allows SGA student leaders from various participating Job Corps Centers to take part in a four-day leadership program.

Both students and advisors attend program workshops specifically designed to help them improve their leadership skills. Attendees are also provided with the opportunity to partake into the Horizons Ropes Course Challenge program and other activities to sharpen their team building skills and bond with teammates. At the end of the conference, the SGA from each Job Corps Center will draft and present an Action Plan to their peers about how they intend to impact their center during their term of service with the SGA.

The conference has witnessed a mounting interest and now occurs during the spring and fall. Since its beginning, centers from different regions have flocked to The Outdoor Learning Center at Horizons to enhance their students' leadership, presentation, and public speaking skills. Additionally, the Leadership Conference allows the opportunity for centers to network with other SGA leaders and fulfills PRH training requirements. We hope to see your center here soon!



The conference provides opportunities for newly-elected SGA officers to learn and practice positive leadership skills, learn to work as a team, and prepare an SGA initiative designed to improve the quality of life on their respective centers. 

The conference empowers student leaders by teaching them the leadership, critical thinking and communication skills that are essential for successful careers and futures, and encourages them to teach those same skills to other students on center so that they can impact the quality of life on center, and to help the SGA officers clearly understand the expectations of fulfilling their roles.


The personal and team transformations that take place during the conference are nothing short of amazing. Students are given a unique opportunity for leadership training and networking with other SGA leaders across the country.

Advisors report seeing dramatic growth in individual students and witnessing the formation of a cohesive team from a disparate group of students. Returning advisors (advisors who have attended conferences past) also report an increase in the cooperative effort and productivity of their centers’ SGA. In addition, our Leadership Conference satisfies PRH training requirements


Currently, SGA officers attend the four-day conference along with one male and one female SGA advisors or center staff.

We strongly encourage all centers to bring dorm representatives or other students in positions of leadership where SGA members are not able to attend.

We want to offer this unique opportunity to as many student leaders as possible.